How I make my Homemade Starbucks Luxury Fruit Bread

One of my favourites Starbucks breakfast is fruit bread, it has been for years. I thought it was about time that I tried to make one myself instead of relying on a trip to town to get some. I found this recipe online from Anna in the Kitchen and I decided to adapt it to my …

La nuit, la mer n’est qu’un bruit par Andrew Miller, une revue – brainfood

Je dois avouer que c'est le titre de ce livre qui m'a donné envie de le lire. En effet, j'ai vécu pres de la mer toute ma vie, (enfin maintenant c'est plutôt un océan). Plus jeune, je passais des heures à la plage, assise à écouter la mer. Son bruit, ou plutôt son chant, m'a …

EasyHealthyMeal #2 – Almost a Gazpacho

Hello, Lauren Here today to share with you all one of my favourite easy meal recipe ! a cold tomato soup, you can also eat it warm however, with summer around the corner, such a refreshing starter is a must!

7 Podcasts you need to listen to

My latest Obsessions are podcasts, so easy to listen to even on the go. I find them really inspiring and empowering. My favourites are business related as I really enjoy listening to other enterpreneurs' story . Here are my 7 favorites of the moment !

How to survive your first full time job: fashion, beauty and food. 

            Easy Wardrobe choice - Create a routine for getting ready: tight schedule is not best to experiment with your clothes, make-up and hair. - Get into the habits of preparing your outfit the night before - Create a section within your wardrobe for work purpose; keeping a color-scheme that works well …