grateful full stop.

One of those days where I did not walk a red carpet, did not buy a new designer bag, did not do anything major per say, did not loose the weight I promise myself I would loose, so why do I feel so grateful ? Yes, I know #grateful on social media is like showing …


7 Podcasts you need to listen to

My latest Obsessions are podcasts, so easy to listen to even on the go. I find them really inspiring and empowering. My favourites are business related as I really enjoy listening to other enterpreneurs' story . Here are my 7 favorites of the moment !

When I feel blue

     Today I was thinking about the things I do when I feel down. It happens ever so often but I always have several "rituals" beautywise and life wise also.  I though I would share:  on the day Allow yourself a time frame for recovery: being blue for an evening maybe, for a couple of …