My Monte-carlo Tv Festival Experience #FTV17

It's a yearly thing, a tradition - I started going to the monte-carlo tv festival when I was 15, so 12 years ago already (yes, time flies). I have always prefered TV shows to movies, from the early days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. First I was going to meet the actors, then realised that …


Few of my Favourites

Favourites, Things I wanted to talk about here. Blogging every other day is not that easy, especially when I haven't been consistant on here for month. A lot have changed since my last favourite post , well maybe not that much because the lipstick I showed there (Brazilian nude by Estee Lauder is still a favourite …

EasyHealthyMeal #2 – Almost a Gazpacho

Hello, Lauren Here today to share with you all one of my favourite easy meal recipe ! a cold tomato soup, you can also eat it warm however, with summer around the corner, such a refreshing starter is a must!