FashionWednesday I Braid madness

One of my all time obsession is braided accesories. It all started because of a urban outfitters belt I got in the sales for 5 pounds, I never went back! Braided accesories give a bohemian edge to an outfits and feminize your outfit in a heartbeat. One of my favourite stuff, these braided bracelet I …


Here is a pick of my favourites spots in Paris, France. As well as a snapshot of the Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary show that was phenomenal.

Autumn / British Life

Uni started, life happened and I couldn't keep up with my blog. Just a quick article to declare my love to deep red lipsticks. Ive mostly worn pink lipsticks during summer, I tried my reds the other day and forgot why I stopped wearing them!!!! 🙂  

3 A’s of Awesome

I've always thought that Travelling was about discovering places, yet after a while most places look the same. What if travelling was about meeting new people and change the way you perceive yourself and your surrounding? Two years ago I first moved to England for my exchange semester and I've found myself in a pretty …