HealthThursday l Snacking on Blueberry

Hello there Gorgeous, Today's post will be about one of my healthy snack food alternative ! Well, being a student and spending long hours working on assignment and stuff make it very easy to fall for a snack (or two). I usually snack on blueberry as they are low in calories but yet full of …


Here is a pick of my favourites spots in Paris, France. As well as a snapshot of the Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary show that was phenomenal.

Autumn / British Life

Uni started, life happened and I couldn't keep up with my blog. Just a quick article to declare my love to deep red lipsticks. Ive mostly worn pink lipsticks during summer, I tried my reds the other day and forgot why I stopped wearing them!!!! 🙂  

3 A’s of Awesome

I've always thought that Travelling was about discovering places, yet after a while most places look the same. What if travelling was about meeting new people and change the way you perceive yourself and your surrounding? Two years ago I first moved to England for my exchange semester and I've found myself in a pretty …

French Product Review : Masque hydratant et réparateur Monoï de Tahiti Lovea Bio

J'ai acheté ce produit au début de l'été: la promesse d'un masque au Monoï qui pourrait redonner de l'éclat à mes cheveux m'avait conquis, la composition Bio aussi. Ni une ni deux, je me le suis procuré pour 8 euros dans mon supermarché. 98,9% d'ingrédients d'origine naturelle, sympa. Certifié Cosmebio et eco-cert, encore plus sympa! Ce …