Instagram Catch-up #2: A Christmas Feeling

Here is a second Instagram Catch-up, because why not! I've been working through Christmas and that does mean things got mental out here! Expect normal posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from now on hopefully! hope you enjoy, and happy holidays ! hints: there are probably christmas trees and also an Italian pizza 🙂 L …


48 Hours away: Venice Dream

Venice, Venise or even Venezia... It was a short but rather sweet week-end away. We took an unlimited water bus pass for a day, walk our way from San Marco Plaza to the Accademia old towns with old books shops and Pizza (I wish I ate more aha).  

The Brown Liners.

As promised in my first blogpost about blue liners, here are the list of my favourites brown liners. Now, Brown liners are a great way to add definition without darken your features too much, I personally think so anyway. The following selection is based on three matte ones, three shimmery options and a gel liner. …