Nars Algorithm Palette and A review of their Laguna Bronzer

The Nars Algorithm Palette is the younger sister to that Nars blush palette everyone is raving about, hence why making an article was a good idea. The algorithm palette is the perfect holiday gift for Nars Lagunas Bronzer Lover, and as an added bonus, you get a mini ITA brush (around 56 € full size) …


48 Hours away: Venice Dream

Venice, Venise or even Venezia... It was a short but rather sweet week-end away. We took an unlimited water bus pass for a day, walk our way from San Marco Plaza to the Accademia old towns with old books shops and Pizza (I wish I ate more aha).  

The Brown Liners.

As promised in my first blogpost about blue liners, here are the list of my favourites brown liners. Now, Brown liners are a great way to add definition without darken your features too much, I personally think so anyway. The following selection is based on three matte ones, three shimmery options and a gel liner. …