Chanel Medium Caviar Classic Flap: An honest review seven years on and my thoughts on the multiple price increases.

I first saw this bag when I was 16 (almost 17 years ago now), on the front cover of Grazia or in an episode of the OC I cannot remember exactly where, maybe on Alexa Chung or in an episode of Gossip Girl. In the early days of influencer marketing this bag was definitely everywhere. I thought and I still think that this bag is timeless and even after owning it for 7 years, my heart still skips a beat when I hold it in my hands.

I first tried this bag in a Chanel store when it was retailing for around 1800 Euros, and back then it was a lot for a bag, it still is. I remember trying it on and dreaming of owning it one day, so back in 2014 after I finished my studies and I found a stable-ish job my mother decided to gift this to me, and I was so grateful. I have been loving and wearing it ever since. First almost a daily bag in the weekend (I wrote it being my perfect bag in 2015) even if nowadays I do need a bigger bag as my lifestyle changed a little, it is still a bag I love to wear on special occasions and I know I will also love it as I get older.

Now, when I received it, its price had already doubled from when I first tried it on and today, it retails for probably close to double the price she paid for it at the time. I must say, its present price makes me sick, I wouldn’t say it stopped me from wearing the bag but it definitely made me think twice before choosing to wear it and consider it an investment. I use to wear it everywhere when I first got it and the bag still pretty much look brand new. But the multiple price increases definitely make me think that I wouldn’t even consider buying one now new or preloved. I guess that’s Chanel way of filtering and keeping the bag exclusive – yes I am not Chanel primary target audience I guess and that’s completely fine with me but I am still forever grateful to have and it is definitely a piece I will in the future hand it down to my daughter when she gets old enough to appreciate it as an heirloom from her grandma.

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