I tried Primark Period Underwear and I am surprised no one is talking about it.

Right, this blogpost might be a bit niche in its subject my apologies in advance.

Last month I found out that Primark released Period underwear randomly by browsing a store ( remember when we used to get out and shop without using the good old internet to get everything delivered ?… I digress) I bought a couple of them to try out as my current period solution – reusable pads was letting me frustrated by the fact that I don’t find them secure enough. I turned away from single use pads in August 2019 for several reasons, the main ones being reducing my waste and the convenience of always having pads at home.

There are a couple of version of the underwear: a midi and mini version both available in light/medium and Heavy flow. The mini are more discreet but the midi is more comfy. I would say the minis run small so a bigger size might be more comfortable, I just had a baby 7 months ago so my choice would lie in the midi size all the way. As you may be able to guess the flow difference would be down to how much padding is in the underwear.

Yes, I really think it is convenient to be able to wash and reuse instead of buying single use, it can be annoying at first but once you find the routine that suits you, it just flows (no pun intended aha). Therefore I knew before trying the Primark version of these underwear that caring for it wouldn’t be an issue: you rince it in cold water right after use, and then wash it in the washing machine at 30 degrees. I washed mine a couple of time already and honestly the quality is decent. Can I garantee it is going to last for years ? No, because Primark quality is really hit or miss – some of their items I own have lasted for years and years or will only stay in a decent state for a couple of seasons. I mainly shop in Primark for boring basics like t shirt or socks so it is not really an issue. Now I wanted to try the Primark ones mainly because they are one of the cheapest options I found in the market, I rather have many £6 period underwear that I can rotate, wash, dry and wear rather than less of the most expensive £20 ones from smaller stores, even if Primark is one of the big bad wolves of the fast fashion industry when it comes to sustainability so it seams a bit hypocritical at first glance that they release a product like this but if you don’t have/ or don’t want to spend a fortune on Period underwear like me it is a good place to start.


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