Dreamegg D11 – the portable white noise machine that changed our sleep.

A few things really helped our fourth trimester and white noise was really one of them. I mean baby loves white noises so nothing new there you will tell me, however I think the Dreamegg D11 is the handiest little device to help soothe our little one.

I was looking for a white noise machine because I knew it would help with calming bubbie down but oh boy I wasn’t ready for the difference this little devise would make in our life. We use it mainly at night and during the day when she really struggles to go to sleep (at nap-time or in the car seat for long journey for example) which at almost 6 month old happens sometimes but nowhere as often as before. You can use the device while charging or on the go, I feel like if you are using the light settings a lot you will want to keep it plugged but we don’t so we charge it once every two days I would say and it works wonder for us.

In term of the different sounds available there are 11 (lullaby, music box, shushing sound, vacuum cleaner and fetal tone, fan sound, white noise, ocean, brook, cricket and fair sound.). We use mainly the fan and ocean sounds. You can adjust the volumes and there is a child lock system. I tend to use the light setting only to use it as a torch but you can keep it on overnight if you need.

Overall I would say, it is the handiest device and really well thought-out for daily use. The price is also very good for something so handy around £28. I would say maybe I would like to have more choice of noises as the lullaby and music box settings get really repetitive after a while but it does the job it really helps us with calming our baby down without using our phone all the time or singing (which I personally not a fan of). It’s so good I bought a second one just in case (with my own money) and I would highly recommend.

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