Wishlist of futile items – July 2021.

Given that my daughter just got her 16 weeks jabs today therefore decided to cuddle me for most of the afternoon, I thought it would be fun to put together a blog post of things I have been liking recently. Truth be told I mainly bought things to welcome my daughter since the beginning of the year and almost feel guilty for wanting things for myself (People I spoke to about this call this “motherhood” responsibility lol). Moreover, I haven’t felt like getting new things because after the year we all had, I would rather travel to see my family or share time with my loved ones but given that this is fun, I thought I would be together a little list of things I want but not need right now. (None of those links are affiliated btw)

  • The book Threads of Life: A History of the World Through the Eye of a Needle by Claire Hunter : mentioned on Dior Instagram during the promotion of their latest haute couture show, this book was apparently one of the inspirations and I would be very excited to read it.
  • Another pair of these shoes I wear all the time at home as slippers as I enjoy that they look put together while being a more relaxed and comfortable.
  • H&M dresses are the best right now – I got 4 so far this year and I adore them! I spend the last 10/11 months in pregnancy clothes and I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to put on a nice summer dress and feel human again – and I definitely really enjoyed their Collection with Brock! I definitely tempted to buy this, this and this though I know summer in England is probably not going to last much longer therefore I am sure I will be fine with the dresses I already have.
  • I spotted this pair of while broderie converse high top shoes that would go so well with my summer dresses in the sales and I am very keen on getting them. I never really buy converse shoes full price as they go so often in the sales nowadays – little tip would be to check the converse website as the discount are usually much better than resellers’!
  • Something from the Dior toile de jouy reverse collection. If you have been reading my blog before you probably know that I adore the Dior toile de jouy from this previous article. I adore the original blue on white, the pink on white and this year’s white on navy options is really nice too. Probably the thing I know for sure I won’t get for sure from this wishlist would be the bobby bag in toile de jouy reverse I love the look of it don’t get me wrong- especially as it quite understated in the scheme of Dior bags that is, not a big fan of all these bag with the massive Christian Dior Branding at the front – but right now my financial goals are really not to save or buy for an Handbag as I am pretty content with my current collection.

Well that was fun for me to create, tell me what’s on your futile wishlist ?!


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