Finding balance. A catch-up !

I always thought that I would be the kind of mother who go back to work right after birth, that I would manage it all including this blog -one of my many hobbies and not loose myself in the process. I think somewhere in the process I understood it wouldn’t be that easy. I love this blog, yet I was struggling to find something to talk about that does not include my daughter because she is the center of all my attention now. And then I realised that I need to try to find some balance again, it will take time for sure but it is already better than it was a month ago!

No offence to mummies that change totally the content of their online channels once their little ones are born but it is not how I see fit for me. This blog is going to be about everything I want to talk about which may or may not include baby stuffs amongst others topics. That being said please expect some baby items reviews like the one I wrote recently because it is fascinating to see and try the things they market for babies !!!

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