Rockit Zed: a baby review

I feel like trying to find new gadget to help my daughter sleep has been a thing in my life recently because after the white noise machine dreamegg that she loves (and I love too not just because she loves it) I was on the hunt for yet another gadget!

First of all, those baby gadgets are not cheap I mean cheaper than a Chanel bag in the grand scheme of things but for the span of use they better be working! I wanted to try the Rock it Rocker but thought that it would be working only on a pram and I would rather use something more versatile like the Rock it Zed – a gadget that imitates the vibration of the car to help little one sleeps … sounds dreamy (no pun intended).

A back story, My little girl is 10 weeks old and sleeps during the day almost exclusively on me… I love it in principle but it is time consuming for me, I would want to make her sleep on her own in our pram for at least one nap or two so I could get on with things. She sleeps fine at night – touch wood so I wouldn’t need to use the device on her cot (I am a firm believer of – if It is not broken don’t try to fix it.)

I tried the Zed device on the pram after feed, nappy changed and ready for a nap. Little one seems content for a bit, got sleepy then started asking for me to rock her to sleep. The device definitely keeps her calm for some time. But some time only. The more I use it and try the different settings the more I realise that little one sometimes gets irritated more than she needs to be. Also the light is pretty useless as really dim and ineffective. At the end of the day the effect would vary from baby to baby as they are all unique but it is a pass from us. The concept is cool and I wish it would have worked for us but it is not the end of the world! I still would like to try the pram rocker in the future because it sounds like a cool concept!

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