Giving a second life to my leather Longchamp Kate Moss bowling bag

It all started when someone on Ebay made me an offer for this bag for £35. I bought this bag with my first salary of my first grown-up job in the sales for 50% off but still ended up paying about 350 € for this bag. This bag I loved and worn so much around the years, worn maybe too much that now, someone was trying to get it at only £35 !?

This bag is the collaboration between Kate Moss and Longchamp not that I am particularly fan of either of those two but this bag always had a special place in my heart. Its name, the Gloucester, first released I believe around 2010 was out of reach due to the full price tag in my younger days but I always loved the style, a little bit similar to the Louis Vuitton Speedy without the Canvas, loud monogram and longer straps that wouldn’t limit this bag to be worn hand held.

I worn this bag daily for years, so much so that I got white paint on it in the back corner a day that my workplace was freshening up their walls. And then I did something even more stupid with this bag, I tried to remove the paint myself with paint remover. Which ended up in a disaster – a disaster in the bottom back corner so I could still wear it without being obvious but I do not recommend it at all.

And then, I had the idea of trying to dye this bag in black, because if I was to get £35 minus the ebay fees, I might as well try to dye it and keep it in my collection for the reasons mentioned above, I have grown quite attached to this bag.

I watched a couple of videos on YouTube – that’s how the greatest DIY stories generally starts for me nowadays – and found the video of a Alexander Wang leather bag dyed black. And If it was good enough for Alexander Wang, then surely it would work for my bag.

I got the supply on Amazon : Dye With Primer For Natural And Synthetic Leather Shoes, Kaps Super Color And Preparer, 70 Colours, 118 – Black, 25ml – 0.85 fl. Oz.; Fiebings Leather Dye Black 4oz, a bunch of Leather Tools Accessories Wool Daubers, scourer pads to prep the bag, some latex gloves and an old Amazon Prime Cardboard box to avoid any stains.

I started by scrubbing the bag with the scourer pads and applying the priming solution from the dye kit, let it air dry and then applying the matching dye as a base for the new colour to go in. I must admit that part was terrifying to me but after a couple of coats when you could see that the leather sunk up the colour, I let it air dry for few hours then applied the leather dye, making sure all the little nooks and crannies of the bag would get coloured which took a good hour especially around the handles, corners and zips.

After 48 hrs of rest, I applied some Woly Perfect Gel to entire surface of the bag. I am not going to lie, I worn the bag with a lighter coat and the handles could leave some light black stains on it – though the colour of the bag wouldn’t chip away or fade – I am still looking at products that could help avoid that but really the bag looks brand new and I am so happy with the results. I added a new organiser inside the bag and I basically feel like I got a brand new bag to use.

By the way the link above are not affiliated with Amazon.


Lauren x

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