Making of a DIY custom Beauty Calendar for 2020

This year I decided to build my custom advent calendar full of my favourites mini beauty treats to enjoy the countdown to Christmas Eve. First cost-wise, it might be a bit costly but when you look at the average price of a beauty advent calendar they would easily reach £60 minimum for the most basic ones… also I had a look at the previous year and they would always have a bunch of products that I wouldn’t have picked for myself and therefore wouldn’t necessarily reach for the rest of the year. Yes, part of it was me trying to reduce waste while treating myself to some products that I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself at any other point in the year.

I got the base of the calendar on Amazon. At first I wanted to make it from scratch but honestly I couldn’t be asked frankly, I did not want to waste time and resources into making a full one from scratch when I could get a nice-ish one from amazon. I ended up arranging the numbers on the pockets so they would be in a random order and making a bigger sleeve for the 24, because what I picked for that day simply did not fit into the previous pouch.

I picked and ordered the goodies in September right when the Christmas sets came out from beauty retailers such as Feelunique, space nk and cult beauty. Really you could wait for Black Friday to buy them but I made the executive decision to order them early so I would actually forget what’s in the pockets. But if you are making one for someone else, then Black Friday would be the best time for you to buy the goodies. As I said earlier, I don’t really ever threat myself to new skincare, self-care or make-up bits unless one of the products I am using is finished so it is a nice way to treat myself in the cold month of December where Self care is more than needed….Especially in 2020 ahah. If you want to know which products I have added inside, let me know and I will write another article about it 🙂



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