Designer Bags I am glad I sold before 2020

One thing I love about designer bags is that I pretty much always managed to get my money back from the bags I sold. At the end of the day, I consider them as investment and almost force myself to sell them if I see the trend dying or when they are in a condition so I can get the most of my money back.

So that we are clear, I do not own that many bags anymore, I have grown out of them, but also am glad I did as I was able to get my investment back to put into my wardrobe or other area of my life.

where to start; GUCCI.

I had a selling spree last year and sold both of my soho disco bags, though I sometimes miss that emerald green bag.. but I couldn’t stand the big GG anymore and got into an habit of wearing it with the GG toward my body so ended up realising that it was a waste of money to keep them in my collection.

I also sold both of my canvas pieces: the bloom toiletry case and the bengal wallet. I had an obsession with the bengal collection, but to this day that is the item I made the biggest loss on, so I am still mad about this a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, these are beautiful to look at, but I was too scared to wear them out and wasn’t my style, but I still enjoy staring at their pics from time to time..

The last two items are from Louis Vuitton and Mulberry both are small bags, but I realised that I had enough small bags as it is. The Eva Clutch from Vuitton has been my first designer purchase from 2011, I remember dropping a full 500 euros on this after I dreamt on owning a Vuitton bag for years, 8 years later I decided it was time to part ways with it as it doesn’t hold anything and the hardware was turning silver.

The Mulberry lilly medium bag had been bought second hand on Ebay in 2016, but I think it was not a bag that I was loving, so happy to parted way with this too.

The second to last was my Chanel Navy Chevron Boy wallet on chain, at the beginning of this year, bought in 2016, the bag started to show wears on one of the corners despite being told by the Chanel sales assistant that the lambskin on this bag was hardwearing. Anyway it started to bug me and for the price that they are I couldn’t even stand to see the wear on the corner, that’s all I could stare at when wearing the bag, so I decided to part ways. Don’t get me wrong, it is one of my favourite bag, bag that I was carrying a lot around my wedding times; and when I moved back to UK but I am happy it is gone in another home!

To finish with this, I recently re-homed my Dior Navy Granville tote bag, bought second hand last year, again the leather was so soft and one of the corner wear was really bugging me and I am happy to report that I finally sold it!

Looking back at this list, I am happy that I sold all these bags to start 2020 with a smaller collection. What I have now really sparks joy and I am able to use everything! Also from a financial stand point, it is just more realistic. Even if I had all of the millions on the planet I wouldn’t like to waste to much money on bags, because at the end of the day, there is only so many bags we can use per day.

Would you be interested to see the designer scarf that I sold and why ?

Let me know


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