Lush Twilight Body Spray: An unsung lockdown hero

I think this is my second or third post about sleeping, not an obsession I promise, just something I have struggling with for my entire life. Stressful situation just cause my brain to wake up at the middle of the night starting to think and think and think. As you can imagine, uncertainty, lockdown, global economic crash just wouldn’t make this better. I have doing a few things consistently to help though and using a pillow spray is one of them.

I first was introduced to the Lush Twilight range when they were releasing the limited edition shower gel around Halloween I think a good 8 years ago I think, I use to use as little as possible because I loved the smell so much trying to save it until the next year’s release. I did notice that this shower gel was drying out my skin like crazy but I liked the smell too much. Lush are good with smell formulations though I am not a big fan of scented shower gels and body products as my skin is super sensitive so I avoid heavily scented product at all cost.

Then a couple of years ago, I heard that they came out with a body spray, granted with all I said before I wouldn’t use it on my body but as pillow spray before bed and I never looked back. I do sleep better and feel more rested in the morning. This has been brought with my own money over and over again, this post is not sponsored. However this product does deserve a praise as it does help me so much.

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