Thrifting and fixing a Lady Dior bag


The Lady Dior bag used to be one of the bag I was (and still am) lusting after so you would understand my surprise when a couple of years ago I found a microfiber one in a car boot sale, one of the handles was damaged and you could really see that it has been misshaped by the way it was stored and needed a good clean, I checked the authenticity tag inside the bag, the lining was also matching the description I could see real one had online, I could see the woman trying to have a look at it but I was looking at it and inspecting it, the corners were in good condition, took it to the seller before the other woman had a chance to realise what brand it was, it was in a middle of other branded bag like Guess, asked the seller how much he wanted for it, but when it said £4 I was like what ? It is like the universe wanted me to get it, I am exaggerating a little bit here, but I was really happy!


yeah they did not know what they were selling.. for sure! but this bag needed some serious TLC, one we got home we checked online the best way to care for it from the Purse Forum and other website, we washed the microfiber and lining, carefully glued back the textile on the handle that was damaged, we left it to dry in the sun for some times and polished the hardware,



I then purchased a bag insert from Amazon to help restore the shape of this bag and add twillies to protect the handles , and enjoyed using it ever since !

I think this bag was from the 90s and is perfect when I want to look nice but be somewhat careless – because this material does not scratch; and the fact that the bag closes with the zip makes it perfect for travelling on the tube for example.



I think the lady Dior is one of the most perfect designer bag when it comes to looking classy and still remain practical where you can actually fits things inside !

I was so lucky and grateful because without this experience I would have never been able to actually test the practicality of the Lady Dior line and despite the fact that this bag would probably need to be dyed black ( as the colour is turning a bit too grey for my liking) it is still one of my favourite bag of all time !

Stay safe


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