Giving a second life to your candles / Things to do when bored in the house I

What a strange time to be alive isn’t it, never would have I thought I would be home looking for projects to undertake, but here I am and I am making the best of the current situation. One thing I enjoyed is reusing my nice and fancy jars to give them a second life, especially with the current crisis, it does make you aware of things that can be done to avoid unnecessary waste!


I started filling up old finished candles with soy wax and my favourite essential oils :

Heat a pot of water to a boil and add melting pot. To the melting pot, add the soy wax.  FYI for 2 cups of solid wax you will get one cup of solid wax, in my first try on I had to keep adding wax to the pot as at first glance it was looking like it was a lot, not ended up being not enough for one candle !

Prepare your jars with the wicks, if they look small don’t hesitate to add two even if the candle is fairly small as the candle will burn more evenly. Glue the bottom of your wicks with a drop of wax or some kits come with double sided stickers.

Once the wax has melted at around 180 degrees, reduce the heat and pour the wax into the mixing bowl, I would start by pouring the amount of wax for one candle (1 cup for a big candle) only especially if you wish to customise the sent with different essential oils ! Add the equivalent of 2 teaspoons of essential oil per cup of wax, mix carefully together and poor in the final jar while checking that your wick(s) remain in place. Let it sit until the wax is solid for 24 hours minimum before burning!

hope you will enjoy using your beautiful jars with new scent for your home !

See you soon !




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