Making La durée Rose Macarons from the La durée Book

Ages ago I got the La durée Macarons* book and I was thinking that there is no way they would give away the recipe when they can be charging 2 euros 30 per Macarons, but here is the thing, my favourite treat ever to the point that if someone were asking me what I want for my birthday I would ask for a box of Rose Macarons from La durée, even if I think it is silly money for a sweet treat but they are so good, I am not even mentioning the Ispahan because it could make crave it right now – and I may have made one for myself as a quarantine birthday treat last week.

I tried the recipe from the book; thinking that it could potentially fail, texture wise I had to wait for my third batch for the correct consistency though they are still not completely similar to the one you buy (but practice makes perfect) and the taste is exactly the same from the one you can buy in store.

So I had this crazy idea that I would learn and perfect this recipe because let’s be honest here, if you can bake macarons and put them in a nice box for a special occasion for your friends and family for the holidays – the best gift idea in my opinion, granted not everyone loves macarons but it is a thoughtful gift.

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