3 years of Ambient Lighting Edit from Hourglass.

I have talked about the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit before on here. First and foremost, no one will ever need to own the three edits, but for I really like Hourglass powder and I would rather invest in one palet a year from them instead of buying blushes, bronzers and highlighters all year round. I do not own the volume 2 so cannot add it to this comparison. That being said, I already went through most of powders in the first Ambient Lighting edit that I got so I know the amount of products these palets is not massive but I like the practicality of having everything in the same palets.

IMG_1625 copy

As you can see at first glance, the three palets are really similar. At the top lays The ambient lighting edit volume 1, the middle one is the one that is out now a (the unlocked version) and the volume 3 is at the bottom. This year’s edition includes 2 finishing powder, one bronzer (upper right corner), two blushers and a strobe powder. I really loved the highlighted in the first volume (which is pink based) but absolutely adore this year’s edition highlight powder as it is more universal ( more champagne – will definitely suit more skin tones !). The bronzer also, is much darker than luminous bronze light, the bronzer included in both of the previous editions. Blusher wise, I love that berry shade theme going on in all palets, mood exposure from the first palet is to date, one of my favourite blush of all times – Yep that’s a statement. I love the Hourglass powders because they enhance the complexion, in a very natural way without feeling like your face is caked up with make-up.

It is always worth waiting for a coupon code/ offer before purchasing as it is expensive (got the last two when Space nk had their £15 off for £60 offer on) for the amount of product you are getting but the quality is here and I really enjoy having them all layed-out in a compact palet for when I do my makeup on the go.

This post is not sponsored, bought all of these myself.

IMG_1627 copyIMG_1629 copyIMG_1630 copyIMG_1631 copy

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