Six years ago. An update.

Six years ago, I started this blog. Not hoping for much. Just hoping this space would be a place for my hobbies, to discuss life, keep recipes and review beauty products.

Like a diary, a place where I could be myself.

Six years later, one thing is sure, I do really enjoy doing blogposts, even if I do not post often, because sometimes I am unsure of what to talk about. The last few years I have come to love not posting every bits of my day online. I have cultivated my private garden because I wish to keep thing for myself to enjoy. I am a strong believer that not everything is good to be posted online.

The last few years quite a lot of things happened, I changed country, got married, started a new job and a new life. I lost my dear pet and 20 kg of over-weight. Started going to the gym and cooking all of my meals. I think somewhere along the way I lost track of time and havent taken the time to create online.

That being said, I want to post more – I have said this before isn’t it – I would like and I will spend time producing blogposts because I enjoy it. Six years ago, this was meant to be an outlet for my creativity – because my real job isn’t – to take photos and spend time developing content. If you have any requests for blogposts, products you would like to get a review for, please let me know,


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