Things I enjoyed in March

Hi there, Today's blog post is about my March Favourites post, because it has been a long time since I wrote one of those, saying that, I am a creature of habits, and the favourites you have seen from last year are probably still going strong (exhibit A the Chanel Lip balm ;)).


I have been sick last week,  no surprise here with all the snow we got in the UK in the last month, but my lip were so dry and damaged from coughing and all that. I shopped my stash and found the only lip balm I have in my collection that can be of some kind of help in this situation, the CHANEL HYDRA BEAUTY NUTRITION lip balm. If unlike me you don't want to be EXTRA, I am sure there is cheaper lip balm out there for helping out with chapped lips but this one works the best on me. I have also been exfoliating my lips  a lot more so I reached for the Dior Lip sugar scrub that is supposed to deal with dead skin and enhance the colour of your lips. I used for the first time in ages when I had my cold and man, I was impressed by the state, the shape and the natural but slightly enhanced colour of my lips. Speaking of Dior, they released a few more shade of their lip glow range that I love, I have been wearing the matte raspberry (102) colour for a more vibrant look, and the glossy raspberry (007) to add some colour to my face this month, because I cannot wait for Spring, and looking a little more tanned !!!!!


Also this month, I cracked out my beanie from Fendi, I mean, I have never seen such a nice beanie, I love the colour and the shape. It has been keeping me warm through the Beast from East 1 and 2 – hopefully the weather will get better soon – this beanie was well worth the investment as I know that now I live in the UK, I will for sure get a lot of use from it, and I would rather be stylish if I have to be freezing.


Also this month, I have really enjoyed using these basic black scrunchies from Decathlon to keep my hair away from my face, when I am working for example. I think they are £1,5 a piece but they stay put, and they are quite hardwearing – none of mine broke despite the fact that my hair are really thick and the bubbles I use usually break on me very quickly – they get the job done. Apparently it is back in fashion, no shame leaving the house with one on (really I would do it regardless of the fashion).


Nothing rather boring but useful, I have invested in a nice Anker plug and really this changed my life. Yes speaking all things fashion and beauty is fun but really I am grateful that plug is in my life. One of the things I have struggled with when moving to UK is having the right plug and plus adapter at all time ( It was even more important when I went to India in November). I did not want to invest in a nice plug because I was lazy to order it, I would always think I could manage with my old ones but when I decided to get this one, I found it very reliable, very quick to charge and can we talk for 2 seconds about the changing slot depending on the country you are in ? Genius. So Handy. If you travel quite a bit though Europe and UK, I would definitely recommend it.


When Lidl does a £5 dupe for Coco Mademoiselle Perfume that is identical to the real deal, you try it, you use it and you love it. More seriously, I have loved coco mademoiselle from Chanel for years, I bought it twice but frankly I couldn't justify being a new perfume as my perfume collection is at 6 bottles and I don't want them to go to waste. When I found this in Lidl, I thought why not, I already know I like the fragrance. I love the bottle of the original Perfume, but this one will do.

favouriteslycheebMarchAlso I have been loving this bag from Coach, my price my good for the bag of this quality, it is made of pebbled leather so more durable, comes with both a wristlet and a cross bodystrap strap so you can use it in a lot of different way, as a clutch, as a pouch, on the shoulder or as a cross body. The Navy blue goes with everything in my wardrobe and it fits just the essentials and that what I wanted. I love this bag so much, I would highly recommend it.

The series I have been loving this month, isJessica Jones, season 2 on Netflix, finished it in 3 days, it as so good and well worth the wait. Homeland, I am still on the second episode of season seven but I know I will love it. Blindspot, season 3 is almost over and I cannot wait to see how it develops. Dynastie, season 1, the Netflix series, not for the storyline as much but for all of the characters and their outfits, they really live their best Gucci life !

Please comment down below with your favourites,

See you soon,


Lauren x

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