Testing a Korean Dupe for Dior LipGlow

One of my most popular blogpost is about a dupe for the Dior Lip Glow that I think is not available anymore. So I wanted to find a good dupe to replace it. I still think that the Dior Lip Glow is great lip balm to start a make-up collection. It is low maintenance and there is something very chic in a barely there colour on the lips.

So when I found this one on a korean website, I thought for $13 I might as well try it! First of all, the packaging looks really similar to the Dior one. The bullet at first glance is very different to the Dior one, as the latter is flat. This one has the shape of a typical lipstick.

SecretKeySweet Glam Tint Glow 2.jpg

Once applied to the lips, the lip balm changes into a pinkier colour, according to the PH of your lips I believe. But be warmed, be careful when you apply it as even if you go out of your lip contour just a tiny bit, it can turn bright pink -not in a good way. However, when you apply it properly, it does look nice, does not lasts for too long but it does the job. Really it is a nice alternative to the Dior lip glow if you don’t feel like spending £30 on a fancy lip balm.

SecretKey Sweet Glam Tint Glow

Please let me know if you tried it,

Hope to read you soon

Lauren x

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