grateful full stop.

One of those days where I did not walk a red carpet, did not buy a new designer bag, did not do anything major per say, did not loose the weight I promise myself I would loose, so why do I feel so grateful ? Yes, I know #grateful on social media is like showing off, bragging and so. I am not grateful on Instagram, I am grateful full stop.


We did not do much today, yet the moments we spent today, listening to new friends, sharing stories, and for my husband, ice skating for the first time has no monetary value. I mean yes the ticket to go skating or the coffee we had with has a cost, but the value in my heart in priceless.


Sometimes, I would like to be one of those people that does not care, that does not take pictures of a beautiful sunset because “there will be plenty more” but I cannot. It sounds dramatic but it is not, the truth is, I know all of this can stop at anytime, I hope it never does trust me. But unfortunately the odds of life mean that I cannot be sure of anything.


You know I said earlier I would like to stop caring but for real, I would not change it for the world. Being grateful means that my heart is full of love for the life I am living – Not at every minutes of every day of course, but I am trying to be at most times – going to bed feeling like my loves ones are happy, i am happy, and I am where I should be –


To conclude in 2018, if you don’t like your job, change it. If you don’t enjoy where you living, work toward moving in somewhere else. Change is not a bad thing because even if everything stops tomorrow,you would have done something toward being happier. It maybe a big late, but I wish you a very 2018 full of love and gratefulness, because we are worth it.


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