Favourite Automnal outfit and a stroll to Old Harry Rocks

IMG_8279IMG_8290IMG_8291 copyIMG_8287IMG_8286IMG_8302 copyIMG_8307 (1)IMG_8280

A Sunny Week-end in South England, definitely one to remember, my favourite outfit on with this green bag that I never thought I would be so happy to own. 2017 was a big year for me, I have changed country, work, life situation, a new part time hobby and also my taste in clothes changed quite a bit. I used to live in my black uniform, and now black all of the sudden seems very dull. A beautiful walk to Old Harry Rock, my bag matches the beautiful English Country side. The sight of wild berries, and the warm sun shine on my face makes this walk even more enjoyable.

I missed this space, and I finally feel like I am in more confortable headspace to blog more often, also I got a new camera, so no excuse I will back at it!


check out my latest Bag twilly !


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