An empty La Mer The Mist

la mer the mist


This is one of the most ridiculous skincare purchase I have ever made. a 75 euros/£60 face spray should at least make sure that not only your skin stay hydrated and soothed as well as doing the dishes and water the plants for you right ? It’s one of those products that I wanted to try, especially since having a lot of these 25% off code from Sephora, but still it was a lot of money.

I have to say despite the crazy price tag and its claim that “Its live internal magnet continually charges the ingredients to maintain optimum effectiveness “, I liked it, it is a nice mist, it’s cooling, the spray is confortable, the sent is very classy, subtly smelling of rose. It is for sure very luxurious experience to spray on the morning but the results of using this consistently were not groundbreaking  enough that I am going to go out and buy more. The price tag is really obnoxious for what it is. It is nice, for sure, but there are more cost-effective mist out there. You are definitely paying for the brand name and for the classy packaging and the luxurious experience more than the product it contains. and its benefits for the skin. The packaging, dare I say, when the product was running out was driving me mad, the struggle was real to get the leftover of the products out.

It is a nice product, and if you are after that luxurious experience for your skincare, you should definitely try it. However, There are better cost-effective mist out there and for that reasons, I might not repurchase this product in the near future.

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