few of my recent favourites: Durdle door, Lycheebshop, The Ordinary, Cath Kidson, Marvel’s Defenders


hey Guys,

I am here today to talk about few of my recent favourites things from this week or so,

  • Last week, my cousin came to visit and we went to visit Durdle Door, I have done an entire blogpost about it here. We had good weather just in time to enjoy the walk, I really enjoyed it.
  • The Ordinary’s Serum Foundation in my shade came back in stock on their website. So I totally got in time. I have high hope for this product especially because my current foundation is running out, it is so affordable and if this is as good as most of the products I have tried from the brand, Sign me in !
  • Also, I have designed a new twilly this week, this one is not silk, I wanted to try something new, one side has stars and the other is full of flowers with a blue denim background. I really like how versatile and easy to style it is. I really enjoy the understated colours and I totally enjoy wearing the first prototype I made 🙂 !
  • Can we talk about the facts that Cath Kidson made a guinea pig print that look like mine ? I totally freaked out (yes, I am 27 I Know, I probably not supposed to). I mean this is too cute.
  • it is my dream to attend comic con in San Diego. One day… in the mean time the 2017 san diego comic con press panel got me excited for the Marvel’s defenders coming on the 18 of august on Netflix. I mean, let me finish Iron fist and I’ll be ready for it.

What are your favourites of the moment ? let me know in the comments !


Lauren x


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