A walk through Lulworth Cove and Durdle door – #notjustanothersaturday

Last saturday, we took a break from our ordinary life to visit a part of the Jurassic coast of Dorset, England. Since I have moved from Sunny South of France, I am really into flowers for some reasons. Don’t ask, I dunno myself. The thing is England has hidden treasure, little villages that are so damn cute. If you think England is boring, think again.

I fell in love with the architecture of Lilworth, so different from the french village I come from but also very similar in the way they display flowers and they use stones on the front of the houses. I loved it so much.

The village in itself, is very cute, with a few coffee shops and ponds. It is definitely a nice walk. There is a way to walk directly to Durdle Door, if you feeling brave you should definitely try.

Durdle Door is an natural limestone arch, truly breathtaking, the colour of the sea was magnificent and the scenery magical.  Have you ever been ?








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