Current Wish List


Hey, Lauren here today to talk wish lists !


  • I make a lot of wish list in my head but today for the sake of it I decided to make a blogpost out of it. I am lusting after *Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control SPF50+ PA+++  ; it seems quite good while summer lasts with this SPF 50, and I am totally head over heals for my YSL cushion foundation (I wore on my wedding day) but the fragrance might be breaking me out. I have heard very good thing about the Laneige version and I would like to try it out !
  • On the other hand, I have been using the *Cattier Pink Clay Mask  for years, but since I have moved to England I had to do without as it is hard (rather impossible) to find. I have found it on amazon so I might order it asap as I have been missing it too much.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Walk of Shame lipstick have been featured in one of Charlotte Tilbury Youtube video featuring three ways of wearing this lipstick, since then it seems to be out of stock in most online retaillers, I really want it though, it reminds me a lot of a deeper version of Nars Dolce Vita that I currently use as a daily lipcolour as well as a blush.
  • I am in need of new *reusable cotton pads, mine got lost in the move, and I am kinda missing them, especially now that I have started using the ordinary glycolic acid toning solution. In the same idea as the reusable cotton pads, I would be interested to try *Bamboo Charcoal Reusable Sanitary Pads. Have you ever tried reusable sanitary pads ? – if so please give me your opinion on the matter.


  • I have been a lana del ray fan since *Born to Die and it is my favourite album of hers to date. Now,  *Lust for life have been release recently, and I am yet to listen to it, for now. Any thoughts on it?
  • We have been watching *Miss Sloane chosen at random on a rainy evening at the cinema, since then I have been obsessed by this movie. Chastain’s wardrobe is to die for in this, and the topic is really well developped. Definitely one I want to keep in my digital collection.


  • the only piece of fashion in this wishlist, is this Italian inspired scarf from Dolce and Gabbana from Net a porter, what can I say, I like silk twilly so much that I have openned an etsy shop to make and sell them. This twilly scarf is beautiful, but really it is a splurge ! not sure yet it is going to happen.
  • *The little book of chanel looks like an interesting coffee table books, especially if you like CHANEL. Since Their price increase, I am not sure I am as interested as I used to be, but this should be an entertaining read.


  •  Speaking of reads, the *Mind body bowl book seems to be one of those books that inspire you to eat better, along with *Cook, Nourish, Glow (more recipes from the same author as *Eat, Nourish, Glow  that inspired me to change the way I see food), and *Just the Essentials (from the same author that wrote *skin cleanse – which I loved a couple of years back). Those books are from authors I find very interesting and I think they will be very interesting reads. In the mean times, I have a lot of books to finish first, some of them I will, for sure, review on here.

What is in your current wishlist ?



Lauren x

PS : Some of the links above are affiliates, this post is not sponsored, I would not talk about something I don’t really believe in but using affiliate links can help me grow my businesses and it does not cost you anything. So if you would like to support me, please use those links, if you rather not, that’s totally fine 🙂 those products are still as awesome and you should definitely check them out either way. Have a good day ! Lauren

PS: None of the photos are mine, they have been found on the listings.

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