Starting a Twilly Shop ?

2017 for me so far has been full of change, I got married, changed country, left my old job and I am currently on the look out for a new one. Few things haven’t changed, for real, and that’s when I know that I needed to take actions. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I am hardly without my twilly, skinny scarf, head scarf, whatever you want to call it. Since I have bought that Gucci One I am wearing in that post, it hasn’t left my head, since I also managed to wear it as my something blue on my wedding day. I find them all over very practical and stylish. I had this idea of making my own for a while now, as sewing is one of my hidden passion, not a problem there. I officially opened my Etsy shop last week and I would appreciate if you could show it some support. It is only the beginning and a few things are still left to be done on it, I have a few designs I am yet to make so keep a look out for it.

Also, thank you for your support during my June challenge, your likes and comments were well appreciated !

Have a good day,




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