My Monte-carlo Tv Festival Experience #FTV17

It’s a yearly thing, a tradition – I started going to the monte-carlo tv festival when I was 15, so 12 years ago already (yes, time flies). I have always prefered TV shows to movies, from the early days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. First I was going to meet the actors, then realised that I actually preferred going for the screenings and discovering new shows. Going back to my family’s for a big week end was the prefect excuse to go this year as well.

If you follow my instagram you might know already, just I have been to two world premiere screening this year, Absentia, a thriller drama series, similar in a way to Blindspot that I discovered last year however it looks a lot darker.I am really looking forward to watch the rest of this series, to understand

Last year …
the plot. I like the kind of series that mix with the thriller vibe also family stories and Stana Katic, who plays the main character of this series (you might recognise her from her role in Castle), is really good. We have only watch the first episode after the opening ceremony however I am really looking forward to watch the rest.

Stana Kanic and the Cast of Absentia during the Opening Ceremony and the World Premiere of Absentia

With Matt Bomer

Presenting the Last Tycoon
The second screening we went to, is for a series based on a F Scott Fritzerald’s unfinished novel, The Last Tycoon. I didn’t know what to expect from these series, the atmosphere from the visuals has a little something that reminded me of the Great Gatsby. The cast was also very intriguing, Matt Bomer from White Collar and AHS Hotel and Kelsey Grammer from Frasier were here to present it to us. First and foremost, Matt Bomer made sure that everyone who was waiting for the screening had a photo with him or an authograph if we wanted, it is very nice of him. The series takes place in the 30’s Hollywood Scene. From what I understood from the first episode, the main characters are two producers, who are very competitive and are trying to save their production company from getting affected by the german censorship in the early days of the nazism. I love the atmosphere of this series, the 30’s and the main story looks interesting. I would probably carry on watching this series but it is only available on Amazon Prime. 

I had really great experience at the monte-carlo TV festival, and I might have filmed a couple of bits while I was there, I will try to post it asap.

Have a good day,


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