Few of my Favourites

Favourites, Things I wanted to talk about here. Blogging every other day is not that easy, especially when I haven’t been consistant on here for month. A lot have changed since my last favourite post , well maybe not that much because the lipstick I showed there (Brazilian nude by Estee Lauder is still a favourite (and the lipstick I used on my wedding day, along with that perfume Beach Walk by Replica – which I also used on my wedding day – to keep it short, when I like a product, I really don’t mind using it and enjoying it regardless of the months, seasons or years !

These favourites are a combinaison of things I have been really enjoying since I moved to England.

  • My bargain Mulberry Bag, I got from Ebay, Pre-loved, in Perfect condition for a fraction of the original price tag, very similar to the Chanel design it is nevertheless a lot more easy to style, perfect cross body, or on the shoulder with one strap or both, this bag is effortless !
  • Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist (Travel Size)  is not an essential yet has helped my skin as it freaked out when I reached the UK, I don’t know why my skin gets so dry and sensitive, it helps refreshing my skins and It smells very nice, also, the fact that it’s travel size, is a plus, perfect for the handbag and for my wallet, to make sure that my skin cooperate with it without the hefty price tag of the full size version.
  • The newest addition to this post is this lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury, – did you guess which one It is ? – Come on! Give it a try 🙂 – Shock Horror, it is Pillow Talk, unless you lived under a rock, or maybe you don’t follow any beauty blog, that shade was first a lip liner then turned into a lipstick due to its popularity. I wanted this lipstick for a long time, but only got it the other day when I went to London for the British Museum Hokusai Beyond the great wave Exhibition. It is fairly recent, I know but it is still a favourite (very similar to brazilian nude by Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham btw, just slightly more pink)
  • I don’t need to talk about the Hokusai Exhibition any more than I already did. This print caught my eye and looking at it brings me joy. For more details I would advise you to read this blogpost 🙂
  • My latest obsession, beside Japanese illustrators and flower overloads, ladies and gentlemen, has several names, depending on the brand, Twilly, skinny scarf, Mitzah, noeux de cou, headscarf, neck scarf, yes, I have been LOVING them, blame it on Gucci and its bloom twilly released last year or maybe before that, I was thinking It is a lot of money of a silly tiny scarf, yeah, I have using it non stop, even on my wedding day (as well) and it started a little obsession. I would like to write a blog post on how to style them with my little collection – would you be interested ? but this all paragraph was to introduce this TED BAKER one (I mean it cost £10, it is not silk but yet this is a bargain on the Ted Baker Website… I hope it is not sold out by now)
  • That Dior lipgloss, lip maximiser is everything I need in a lip care product not that I feel like I need bigger lips, but the effect is just nice and easy for everyday use.

What are your favourites things right now ?




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