Day Trip to London

You may have noticed a few of my previous post on different art and fashion exhibition (here and here ), these are actually some of my favourite post to publish mainly because I can go back and watch those photos over and over again. Fashion and art are so important to me, I really live for beautiful painting or clothes that takes your breath away, those you can’t stop looking at and drive you to another world of dreams and fantasy. It helps heal my soul from all of the negativity around and focus on what’s beautiful, innocent and soothing to the eyes. It all started with his great wave, an iconic illustration, I wanted to know more so I went to the documentary viewing in my local cinema, little did I know about Hokusai, a Japanese artist, who is said to be the inspiration from which the manga as we know them today exists. Learning how he started illustrating books but became so famous that he was choosing the books he wanted to illustrate and how until his last day on earth was striving to become a better artist, despite the wonderful art he created he thought of himself as not the best artist he could be. His art is breathtaking, and not only the great wave, but also all the rest of his artworks. So I decided to book my tickets for the exhibition and here I was, on semi-rainy Thursday on my way to the British Museum to see his exhibition .

If you know me in the slightest, you may be aware that my obsession for the sea and flowers is really real. Man, that exhibition was even more beautiful in real life than on the screen of a cinema. It was really packed though.. Sadly cameras were not welcomed so I cannot prepare a blogpost as I would have but I will nevertheless put up a pictures of my favourite picks of his artworks, from the postcards and the prints I managed to get my hands on, it’s far from being all of my picks, but a curated version at the very least.

Though I was a little heartbroken (no drama here) when I found out that I couldn’t document this trip, I actually enjoyed spending time observing and going back to the ones I had already studied.

Long story short, London was great, got to see that exhibition, went to Selfridges for the first time to pick up a beauty thing that I might share in another blogpost.

Peace out,

Lauren IMG_0576

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