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Hello ! it’s Lauren here today to review the Gucci Soho Disco Crossbody Bag as part of my June Challenge to post every other day in June, let’s do this !

Every year, I try to pick bag to treat myself to, usually around my birthday month (or a lot before..) to build a long term collection, you might remember my article about the Saint Laurent Tote Bag. This time around, I wanted to get a lighter bag for Spring/ Summer, I wanted a classic bag, practical and not too expensive (this bag is not cheap by any mean in the grand scheme of things, but cheaper than a lot of other designer bags these days).

Going into a Gucci Store for the first time was really intimidating, first left with a Bengal WOC that I returned rightaway when I realised that this is not my style, I can’t see myself wearing such a busy looking bag with the bengal tiger and the Gucci monogram given the fact that I sold my vuitton Eva clutch for the exact same reason, I don’t like bags that are too flashy. I like the craftmanship of more expensive bags, not so much the flashy look of showing off a brand too much.

The leather of this bag is really luxurious and long wearing, still no scratch to this day. This bag is light, care free and its colour makes it perfect for the warmer months we are supposed to in (as I write on the 5th of June, with a blanket on my knee, warming up my guinea-pig and myself while listening to a storm outside, life’s great 🙂 )

I love this bag, it is so chic, so timeless,so useful (you would be surprised with the amount of stuff that you can fit in this bag despite its small to medium size, it is REALLY handy) – it would make a great everyday bag. So far, I had no problem with discolouration of the leather though I am often dressed with dark-coloured clothes.

I can see this bag as being a classic in the Gucci line, far from the eccentric seasonal stuff that they release. My bag collection is very small but I hardly buy other bags I prefer to save up for quality bags that will last me a decade so I like to rely on classics/ basics bag that I would be able to resell if I ever need to but that I enjoy wearing very much.

See you on Wednesday 🙂

L x

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