7 Podcasts you need to listen to

My latest Obsessions are podcasts, so easy to listen to even on the go. I find them really inspiring and empowering. My favourites are business related as I really enjoy listening to other enterpreneurs’ story . Here are my 7 favorites of the moment :

  • At Home With : Anna Newton (aka The Anna Edit) and lily Pebbles started a new podcast, based on interviews of people they admire aka content creators and beauty business professionals. Really looking forward to listen to future episodes (the latest one with Lisa Eldridge was really nice)
  • Girlboss Radio : Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nastygal and writer of the infamous #Girlboss book, intervews girl bosses about their inspirations, and life lessons. Really interesting indeed !
  • How I build this : this podcast is a also business-interview based with interviews from founders of successful businesses like Toms or Kate space among others
  • Ted Radio Hour : Ted radio hour is more focused on the TED talks, i would really recommand listening to this talk in particular (I listened on the podcast but here is the talk from the ted website)
  • the mustards  : Not as business related as the one before, the Mustards are a couple who speaks about whatever they fancy, including minimalism, lifestyle and some other things. I find their voice very smoothing and their points of view are really interesting (My personal favourite was on luxury !)
  • Fashion no filter : This is a podcast I discovered very recently, and I really listening to fashion girls way of life (really different from the podcasts I talked about before that but it is still entertaining and funny).
  • Radio Headspace : i have this one last because there won’t be any new episodes (from what I gathered from the last episode). Still very nice if you like meditating, and even if you don’t., the subjects covered are really broad and interesting !

that’s all for now, I Hope you liked it,

See you on the 3rd,



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