The June Blogging Challenge

This blog has been neglected this year and this is about to change! I have promised new content a while ago and I will follow through on it, because I like this place.

I don’t know if this place is still relevant, it is to me, but I had a hard time finding things to talk about as I went through so much in the last semester. Getting Married to my boyfriend from Uni, Moving Country (with the guinea pig), getting adjusted from having a 9 to 6 jobs with endless unpaid overtime to having no job at all until I find a new one, and getting adjusted to a new country.  I am not here to complain, I needed to make a change as my lifestyle in France was really unhealthy, I am trying to find balance. Either way, somewhere along the way, I lost interest in sharing on here.

This month will be a way to find out if this space still have something to offer, finding the topics that could be interesting to talk about. I will post every other day in the month of June, and I hope you will like it as well. In case you would like to get involved, you can, just leave in the comments subjects you would like to see featured on here.

See you soon,



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