Far from Ordinary

If I ever was to post an article on the things the Internet made me buy, it would be kind of an interesting one, would certainly long with a few likes but also some regrets.

If there is one thing positive in all of this is that I’ve learnt a lot about thing I like, and now I choose more carefully the things I am more likely to buy. Really, I am too picky which leads me to choose very expensive skincare, unsented with a very clean ingredient list – Oh, Hello 80 euros Chanel Solution 10 sensitive moisturiser, I like you a lot, but not your price tag – and that’s true, this new skincare brand from Deciem, fills a gap in the market, a small price tag and plenty of good things for the skin.

I was a bit skeptical because usually good skincare comes at a higher cost – When I mean good – I mean skincare that agrees with my skin, that improve my skin and do not breaks me out –  but in the case of these, you will forget your expensive skincare in a heartbeat. I mean, part of the pleasure of expensive skincare is the packaging and the dream marketing side of things – If you use this expensive cream you skin will look like Blake Lively’s or Penelope Cruz’s – Yes, But, what if we came back to basics and using skincare because it improves your skin and provide well being.

The main qualities of this new skincare line is being simple packaging wise and formula wise yet very effective in its action. I saw a massive difference on my sensitive skin, I mean last time I saw such a difference in my skin texture and appearance is when I tried La Mer Face Cream. I am blown away by the fact that these product are 6 to 8 euros a piece on average, yet the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum is a god-sent for dehydrated skin, perfect for winter, my skin never felt so comfortable. I also use the Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG to help with my under-eye bags that can get quite purple when I don’t get enough sleep. The latest addition to my Deciem collection is the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA cream since my Chanel Solution 10 ran out, and I wanted to find an alternative.

Since then, I want to try everything.

Have you tried this brand ?



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