A few favourites.. 

Isn’t it the best time of year to get cosy with a nice smelling candle, in a blanket and practice that “hygge” mantra that seems to be so popular right now. But this time of year is also, for me at least, a time of year where I tend to get that winter “blues” simply because I don’t get enough of vitamin D working at my open space with screens but no natural lighting sources. This maybe why that Replica “Beach Walk” perfume is my absolute favorite right now: “You can take the girl out of the beach, but you cannot take the beach out of the girl” sums it all perfectly. It smells of a sophisticated monoi sunscreen sent mixed with that distincte smell you get after a walk by the sea side. The Creamy ylang notes are just dreamy!

I have also been loving bright flowers, I feel like they bring so much jooouje to a grey and dull workday morning, All set for a fantastic day ahead. sunflowers are definitely my favorites.

What also greatly helped is my bag organizer, which is not meant to be one really, it is a “creativity XL” pouch from Kipling, in that black colour I really like (Who thought Kipling could be so classy btw, they are really doing well atm). That pouch is the perfect size to keep in your bag as a bag organizer or to grab it and go for a quick food shopping session. It has many compartments ( one of them even has a zip, perfect for coins) and it fits in a medium size bag which is perfect to keep organized on the go.

In this pouch, I usually keeps a couple of lip products, my St Laurent zipped card holder as well as my ipod shuffle with my best songs on it.

What are your favourites of the moment ?




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