The Etsy Wishlist

etsywishlistlycheeb is my favourite place to go to find unusual yet personalised items for me or for my friends and family. I like the fact that it is so unique and dainty – and still in an nice price point. Everyone can find something that will float their boat. It does sound like an ad, but not, it is not an AD, I genuinely love Etsy. Is there anything you loved from my selection ? Let me know down below 🙂

1 – This key holder is so useful, and such good quality for its price point. This one comes with card slots which makes it even more multitasking.

2 – Stone necklaces are so intricate and pretty over a nice flowy top,these look so fine.

3- I love fabric bags  especially during my weekly food shopping trip, I always have one of those in my bag, just in case. The design on this one  is very simple yet very chic.

4 – Remember that YSL coin purse and card holder I’ve shown on the blog a lot of you really liked, this is a cheaper version, and I really love this kind of minimalist wallet / coin case

5 / 6- Embroideries are everywhere this season, and for real, it’s so nice to personalise an old piece of clothing to give it a second life.

7 – ShopSomethingBlue is a shop that I love for intricate jewellery, this necklace is so nice, you can get it all of the astrological signs. Perfect for a gift.

8- If the shape of this handbag rings a bell, it’s normal, It is a really nice version (that I prefer over the original monogram or suede version), its so versatile !

9 – This bag is a nice upgrade for a gym bag.

10 – these agate coasters are so amazing and would look very nice on a coffee table.

11 –  The last but certainly not the least is this fashion print to print it yourself. So pretty and delicate. One of my favourites.




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