Blank page and an update


It has been a while, well I felt so anyway. I wanted to write about self confidence, but I haven’t felt self confident enough that I was confortable with giving anyone any piece of advice on the Matter. Interestingly enough writing a blog does not make you a superhuman (I wish !!).

 I realised that having a successful blog means a lot of time; work and also a part a luck I guess. I do enjoy writing here though my true passion is about taking pictures (Maybe follow me on instagram if you want to see more of that on @laurenlychee1).

 My blog was orginally about cosmetics but since I started my minimalism challenge in January I don’t really buy enough to make hauls or review of the latest launches – I think I have used the same hourglass palette the whole year so far — I am thinking of doing a ride or die make-up tag and declutter sometimes soon. 

I really want to do some more travelling blog post, maybe a capsule wardrobe and maybe DIY also – Why not hein !? – Plenty of plans, so I need to plan them out! I really want to update my blog, add a different lay-out and more photos so stay tunned. 

As I probably have preached in a previous blog post, falling to plan is planning to fail so stay tunned for some new content on here, and maybe a new layout also !? I am EXCITED 🙂 

Hope to see you around, 


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