Tips for Clear Skin


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I wanted to write about the things that works for keeping my skin clear. Actually all of my teenage hood, I struggled with acne (around 12 years worth). Granted it’s hormonal but there are things you can do to help it, or at least not aggravate it.

Now I am so happy that my skin cleared up, occasionally I have break outs (especially around THAT time of the month) but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be.

Some of this tips are actually very basics but they really works :

  • Drink water, avoid soda
  • Stay away from refined sugar and fatty food
  • Eat a lot of watery veggies and fruits: big summer salads are the way to go
  • change and wash your pillow cases and face towel often.
  • keep your skincare simple : avoid fragrance and aggravating ingredients
  • add a face SPF before any makeup to your routine
  • avoid direct sun exposure

If you wear make-up :

  • Double cleanse your skin at night with water, then add some water-spray to finish it off (I recommand Serozinc for that, it’s good)
  • Simplify your make-up routine : Don’t cake up your face with one hundred products because your skin does not like it.
  • let your skin breath
  • wash your make-up brushes/ sponge often

6 Replies to “Tips for Clear Skin”

  1. Thanks for the tips! I used to always have clear skin, but I switched to a different Pill, and my face did not like the hormonal change one bit. I’ve been having painful acne breakouts on and off for about 3 years now, and my skin is super sensitive, I can’t even moisturize or use a different product on my skin without having a breakout – and they last for weeks/months before my skin calms down again. I get too scared to try anything new on my face for fear of a really long breakout. Since making sure I drink lots of water and eat really healthy, I have noticed a change. I have also been using honey and it’s been such a heaven send!

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    1. Yes, hormonal issues are the worst but make sure your moisturizer’ ingredients are very mild and fragrance free. It will help! I am the same when it comes to that I hardly try new skincare for that reason! Thanks for stopping by x


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