Francis Bacon Monaco Exhibition

The first time I saw Bacon’s Artwork, I felt a little thing called disgust. That’s the point with his artwork, you either love it or you hate it. As I got to learn about Bacon’s life and inspiration, I started to like it and to understand his point of view.

I am the kind of person who drags her other half to the British Museum Gallery, just to check out Van Gogh’s Sunflowers every time I visit London, just because I love Van Gogh, and I love admiring artworks, not so much the portray or the very realistic paintings, but more for the ones where the feelings of the painters come though the paintings. Bacon’s artwork is unique, his fascination for the movement of Human bodies, the cruxifictions hence his representations of pope, and also the admiration he has for Van Gogh.

I am yet to know everything about his life, however Bacon’s artwork is definitely worth checking out.

The exhibition will be open between the 2nd of July until the 4th of September, at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Worth checking out if you are anywhere around the Frend Riviera this summer.

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