You remember, that freedom we had when we were young, that freedom of playing, drawing the way we wanted, discover the world surrounding us. That freedom, that sooner or later, gets bottled up. Of course it is not a conscious move, we don’t just stop being free, we start being scared. Scared of what our neighbours think, the fear of not being enough, the fear of not fitting in, of being an outsider, that freedom to be weird as much as you want.

Spending three years in England made me feel free again, because the city I’ve lived in, people were a lot more forgiving and open about the way people acts and dresses. The South of France is the OPPOSITE, well most of people depends on looks and pretendings (maybe a bit too much). Until I realised it is not about the place you live in, but rather your state of mind on the matter. Groundbreaking ! I feel myself, more than I ever feel. I will always remember one of my Communication teacher at Uni, telling us that if “one’s different, one must be prepared to be alone”.However, that’s when you are ready to be left alone, that you attract People for the RIGHT reasons.

Yes, People like to label you, or to make you fit inside the idea of you they made up in their brain but being free of these stereotypes is one of the most calming and satisfying way of being. Having this freedom to like the things you like, regardless of what is trendy in Other people’s eyes, is one hell of a happiness, especially in this oh so insecure world where tragedies happen more that they should be, life is too short to be faking who you are to please someone else.

So please, don’t judge just give support,

that what this World needs the most right now,

Loads of Love,


Lauren x

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