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I am by no mean perfect, I have days where I try harder, and days where I don’t however one of my New Year resolutions was to become greener and eat better. Six months later, I am no longer using regular cotton pads, and I no longer buy already  cooked meal, I prefer fruits and veggies that I prepare myself to avoid unnecessary mess (extreme waste of packaging from the supermarket really bugs me nowadays). And somehow, I started making my own coconut milk yoghourt at home (definitely a conversation starter when I go to my local organic shop to get the ingredients). I also had a recycling training (I know in some european country it is already well developed but in the part of France I live in, it is not. Definitely seen as a waste of time by a lot of people… the latter statement makes me sad, because it is more of an excuse than a real reason). I know for sure that going greener, is a necessary step for the planet, and in a perfect world more people would get involved. However, I do strongly believe that it is a personal choice, and I am not judging one’s decision to do one way or another. I just wish people would make more time to go back to basics and concentrate on what’s important on the long term.

I will probably publish a post on my coconut milk yoghourt recipe soon.

have a good week,

Lauren x


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