The Artis Brush and its dupe.



If you’ve been anywhere around the interweb, you are surely aware of the hype surrounding these Artis Brushes. I am always on the hunt for good face brushes that help me save time on my morning “getting ready” slot because really I procrastinate too much to have half an hour perfecting my face make-up.

I’ve first ordered a dupe on eBay, as I wasn’t really sold on the review of these brushes – and I mean, the original brushes are not cheap so It better work well. I got hooked on the Artis Oval 6 type of shape because it seems to be so practical (supposed to be good for concealer, highlight, bronzer and maybe also under eye powder).

I was sold on the dupe that I’ve got for a couple of pounds, around 3 euros shipping included. I received it 2 to 3 weeks later on a pouch coming from Honk Kong – and it worked well. Because it is so dense, it really spreads the product so beautifully on the skin – I mainly use it for concealer and highlighter . I was really please with it so I decided to invest in the real deal.

I got it off of Space NK – The shipping was quick, but it’s cheaper on NET-A-PORTER (is this even possible !? it surely is but also often sold out). I got my brush on a Monday, and I was not blown away by it, maybe I was, a little bit. It does not spread the same as the dupe, which is so seemlessly – I hardly notice I even have make-up on my face – which is a good thing, but I feel like this brush sunk up a lot of product – not such a good thing in my books. So yeah, I need to basically clean the brush everyday with shampoo otherwise the excess product may cause streak – and a streaky look is never a good one.

I like that brush, but I expected to like it more. I like how natural, easy, and foolproof my make-up applies when I use the original deal, but I am not so keen on cleaning the brush on the daily.

well, well, I like it still !

Have you tried it?




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