Relaxing after a long day.

No matter how long and tiring the day have been, the most important is to apprehend the end of the day as a new opportunity to clear it all out and relax. Here are my tips :

  •   Start your day on a positive note

In order to start your day right and have a better day, it is essential to set the mood right when you wake up. If you need some help the 5 minute journal is great, I don’t mean necessarily buying the hardcopy, but the website provide great bit of information about its content or you can use the app (like I do).

Further than it being just a physical object to own, being positive means express your gratitude and what is positive in your life, set your mood by defining the goals and objectives for the day and make positive affirmation about yourself and it will help the way your day goes.

  • Make some headspace / Switch off

After a long day at work or at Uni most probably behind a screen, it is important to switch off from the business of the day, to be able to recharge your body and mind. Stay away from your phone and screens, do out, be active and maybe meditate. Meditation is great but if you need some help, here is my article on the app Headspace last year.

  • Make dinner

On of the best thing to help me relax is to cook dinner, it is so important to be mindful about the ingredients you put in your body and what better way to know then if you properly cook at least one whole meal a day. To me cooking is really helpful in evacuating the tensions of the day to set me right up for a positive evening ahead. I have one rule : My dinner must be made off good and nutritious ingredients that fills me up with the right nutriments and vitamins. Have you tried my homemade pizza recipe ?

  • Exercise

This one is so important, but pretty self-explanatory. Get your blood going and it will help clearing up your stress.

  • Keep your surrounding decluttered and tidy

Well, the saying is right a clear space leads to a clear mind, which is essentially a great way to save the time you would have spent looking for your keys for example. For real, it is life changing to keep you organise and have a clearer mind, and avoid worrying for that thing you’ve lost under the sofa last month.

  • Find a hobby you love and do it often

In a more general manner, relaxing is about doing stuff that pleases you. Life’s too short to spend your day worrying or stressing about something. Find a hobby you love, it could be a sport, an activity or whatever could tickle your fancy, and do it often, to clear the mind and keep your adrenaline going.

I hope you had a good week,


Lauren x

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