Primer Investigations contd. #LBBeautyjournal

lycheebhourglasstoofacedprimersPrimers are very fascinating, really, it can break or make your make-up really while acting as a barrier between your skincare and make-up. Let’s say I am very picky when it comes to what I put on my skin – and I stopped wearing foundations – because let’s face it, I can’t be bothered buying multiple shades to match my skin perfectly throughout the year – I get tanner very easily.
On one end, we have an empty tube of Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer (which is the first one I have ever tried), which is a silicon heavy primer, I like this, but not for every day as my skin reacts to it when used on the daily. It is more of a special day primer, it does its job very effectively at keeping make-up on the face while staying looking fresh and flawless. I like this primer, but like other Hourglass products, it is very expensive for everyday – though you do get 30 ml, it lasted me longer than the too faced one which is the same capacity. Also this primer is SPF 15 and is free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. I would recommend this one if you are not afraid of using silicon every day.
On the other end, the new too-faced HangoverX primer I made a review on earlier this year, I sadly finished it on the 15th of May. Did my thoughts changed on it, a little bit. Though it is rather cooling – a little goes a long way – if you want to avoid your makeup slipping off of your face. Last week I had a bad make-up application for a good 4 days, turned out after switching everything out, this product was the reason. Way too slippery when the weather gets warmer and the skin tends to be oilier. Well I am actually happy I finished this product, because despite the fact that I liked the application process of this product, it does live up to the high expectation I had. This primer is good if your skin is really dry and you need a gentle moisturizing primer. Stay away if you are on the oilier side of things!
Have you tried any of these primers ?
L x

2 Replies to “Primer Investigations contd. #LBBeautyjournal”

  1. Great post! I manged to snag the Deluxe Sample of Hangover Primer as one of my free samples. Can’t wait to try it! I also got the limited edition tumbler. It’s on my blog if you want to check it out (: I loveeee Too Faced! ❤


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