My blog is like my little bubble, the little space on this internet, where I can speak about the things that I love. I love blogging also because I get to share things, that I really enjoy, and being around positive people. I love Blogging because it is so positive, and I want more of that. Getting caught in the swings of things, I feel like something I would love to write, but I don’t know how to write it and what to write about.I feel like today blogging has become a business, for me it is more a case of having my say. I always liked the concept of having a blog but being regular is more difficult that it seems, mainly because I am really picky in the quality of content I want to produce. If I don’t like it 100%; chances are, I am not going to post it.

I have noticed that more of 230 of you have actually subscribed which is – insane, thank you !!! . I don’t do it for the numbers, but it is always nice to see that I don’t write only for myself and it is actually insane that I always get to reply and talk to you guys when you leave comments. I wish I could get to know you.

Photography must be my favorite part about the creation of a new post, I enjoy it so much. If you knew me in real life, I take a lot of photos on the daily. I like pretty things for sure. I really want this place to be inspirational, positive, and happy. 

Thank you !!!

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