The Dior Rouge Nude Swan little container


The best way to see whether a lipstick was a good buy is when or if something happens to it, would you try to save how much of it as possible ? 

I’ve got my first tube of Dior Rouge Nude in Swan when i was at Uni in England. As you may or may not imagine, I was on a tight budget so buying a Dior lipstick was a bit of a one-time thing – I think they retail for 35 € and around £25 (If I remember correctly). I picked up Swan because it was just an unique colour – A pink but more than just a basic pink, very flattering (not so much when I get too tanned though) but one that is always with me around Spring and October.

My first tube have been stolen during a Uni Night Out with most of the things in my bag that night and I went straight back to repurchase another one. That exact tube, many moons later, got broken last week and I had to save the rest in a little pot. Because I like it thaaaaat much. 

It is sheer enough that It flatters even during no makeup day. Easy going, easy to wear. I would 100% recommand it if your skin is cool toned all year round but in Summer it seems a bit too pinky to suit my more olive skin tone.

All and all, I do love this lipstick and will definitely repurchase it when my Gel de la mer sample pot gets empty. It’s just too good. 

L x

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