Happy Earth Day !

earthdaylycheeb copy

May this 2016 Earth Day encourages us to take sensible actions to reduce our impacts on the planet. It does not mean being perfect, but trying a little bit every day to be more responsible, consume more wisely to avoid unnecessary waste for example, or even take a canvas tote bag instead of buying a new bag at the till during your food shopping. It can take many forms trust me, but the real thing is : we have only one planet Earth to live on and it is our duty to make sure that it stays in good condition for the generation to come.

One step at a time, let’s improve our daily habits to be more planet friendly !

some ideas to start : 

  • Carry around a tote bag instead of buying one/asking for one in shops
  • Print only when necessary :  plane tickets can be shown on your mobile screen for example.
  • Use a reusable glass, porcelain or aluminium mug for your morning coffee instead of plastic cups (it’s also better  for you).
  • if you have other ideas, comment and share down below I would love to know !

Have a beautiful day,


L x


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